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    Do you need a new climate-friendly laptop PC? or do you need a better ergonomic keyboard or mouse? Looking for Microsoft Office 365? Are you looking for green produced laptop bags and sleeves? Or are you interested in getting a smart home or expanding your current one? Are you looking for energy-saving solutions for the home? are you climate conscious? has green technological solutions for your home

    GP ReCyko Everyday-oplader B421 (USB) ladestation D451, with 4 stk. AA 2100mAh NiMH-batteries
    299,00 kr.
    Smartlife radiator regulator image 1
    429,00 kr.
    ZBSM10WT PIR-motionsensor image 1
    139,00 kr.
    SmartLife LED Bulb image 1
    159,00 kr.
    GP ReCyko C-batteri, 3000mAh, 2-pack
    129,00 kr.
    SmartLife Round Ceilinglight image 1
    329,00 kr.
    WIFILT10GDG125  LED-Bulb image 1
    169,00 kr.
    Wifi IR Remote Control image 1
    229,00 kr.
    Wi-Fi Smart motion sensor image 1
    249,00 kr.
    SmartLife Lightswitch with Wi-Fi image 1
    129,00 kr.
    WIFIZB10CWT  Zigbee-gateway image 1
    279,00 kr.
    Zigbee Gateway USB image 1
    279,00 kr.
    Smartlife Zigbee Climate Sensor image 1
    159,00 kr.

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