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How are our products green?

Many manufacturers have a green profile. But there are few who go "all the way".

You can say that they "live and breathe" to leave as little CO2 footprint as possible

Here you can read a bit about the producers we have chosen to negotiate with and their approach to being "Green"

  • remanufactured computers
  • saves the climate up to 1200 kg of CO2
  • approx. 40% cheaper than a new PC
  • 3 year warranty

Circular Computing remanufactures Laptops from HP, Lenovo and Dell with the least possible waste and waste. By reinvesting in green energy and planting trees around the globe, Circular Computing is certified CO2 neutral. At their factory in Dubai, they also take good care of their approx. 240 employees, where the employees have free health insurance, better hourly wages than the minimum wage and leisure activities.

RGO Tools distinguishes itself by primarily making ergonomic IT products. But they are also CO2 neutral by using green energy and planting trees in their production.

We do not sell the entire Targus range of Bags, but only their ECO series ECOSMART®

. Between 7 and 19 plastic bottles have been recycled in these bags and rucksacks.

Nedis Smart living products help to save energy and heat by managing your energy consumption at home.

GPBM Nordic supplies rechargeable batteries and chargers that have the Nordic Swan label. Batteries can be charged between 300 - 1000 times and this saves the environment a lot!

At GPBM, we will help ensure that the global goals for sustainable development are met. We stand behind all 17 goals that have been developed, and have chosen to prioritize the world goals 3 - Health and well-being, 7 - Sustainable energy, 11 - Sustainable cities and local communities, 12 - Responsible consumption and production and 13 - Climate action. We have chosen these as they are the most relevant to our activities, and it is through these that we can, above all, contribute to a better world. As a supplier, we can, for example, help create both more responsible production, but also more responsible consumption through, for example, our rechargeable batteries. We can also encourage our customers to recycle our packaging and products.

Lenovo has set a vision to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, watch their third video series and see how they plan to get there!

For most technology companies, greenhouse gas emissions from the value chain are the most difficult to track and reduce. Lenovo is tackling this problem with the help of innovation and industry partners on its journey to zero.

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Intelligent product design, environmentally conscious production and zero-waste packaging

It is standivarius' policy to minimize the effects of its operations on the environment and to encourage the conservation of resources:

minimalist product design, low item numbers reduce waste in production

high-quality materials and production methods that ensure long-life products to reduce carbon footprints.

conscious packaging design with 100% recycled paper for own products and 100% recyclable for our entire product portfolio, which shows our commitment to the circular economy

minimalist design, low item numbers

to reduce waste in production

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