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SmartLife radiator regulator

429,00 kr.


Zigbee 3.0 | Battery | LCD | Android™ / IOS

Product Description

We all know the feeling of coming home to a cold room or apartment, or perhaps left the radiator on all day or night. With this smart radiator controller, you never have to worry about whether you left the radiator on.


Simply replace your existing radiator button with this smart radiator controller, and the built-in, self-learning smart radiator controller will turn the radiator on and off so that the room reaches the desired temperature.

Scheduling and remote control:

After installation in the Nedis SmartLife app (using the Nedis ZigBee Gateway: WIFIZBxxx) you can set up a schedule for when the radiator should heat up a room. Create a weekly or daily schedule, or simply use your smartphone to set the temperature wherever you are.

Voice control:

By combining it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can simply use your voice to change the temperature in the room. Or set scenes in the Nedis SmartLife app that can be activated with a single press of a button or with a single Siri/Google/Alexa command.

Physical control:

In addition to all these smart functions, you can also monitor the temperature on the LED display or intuitively turn the front to change the desired room temperature. You can also simply press it to set the temperature to preset levels. A child lock can be activated to prevent unwanted temperature changes.


Based on the temperature changes in the room, the smart radiator controller can be set to recognize if a door or window is left open for a long time, after which it automatically switches off the radiator. If there is no hot water available (eg if the central heating is switched off), it can also recognize this and act accordingly.

Operate several radiators at once so you never forget a single room again. By combining this product with other Nedis SmartLife products (such as ZigBee door/window sensor or climate sensor) you can set up more accurate and energy-saving systems.


Nedis Zigbee Gateway (WIFIZBxxx) is required to install the product in the Nedis SmartLife app (Android / iOS).

No special skills or knowledge (e.g. electrical plumbing) are required for installation. You only need a screwdriver to remove your existing radiator knob and 2 AA batteries to power the smart radiator controller. Hot water must also be available for the radiator to work, so if your house has central heating it is important that it is switched on.

  • Weight : 1 kg

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