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SmartLife Round Ceilinglight

329,00 kr.


Wi-Fi | Cool white / warm white| Round | Diameter: 300 mm | 1200 lm | 2700 - 6500 K | IP20 | Energyclass: A | Android™ / IOS

Product Description

Determine the optimal color temperature and light intensity to suit each moment. Do you need clear, energizing light reminiscent of daylight to stay focused when you work late at night? Or would you rather have a warm white light to get a relaxed atmosphere during dinner? This Wi-Fi Smart ceiling lamp delivers the perfect atmosphere for any situation.

Control the bulb's brightness and color temperature

Connect it and you can now control the brightness using the Nedis® SmartLife app on your smartphone or tablet, or using a simple voice command via Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

The same goes for the color temperature.

Studies show that energizing, cool white light has a positive effect on our ability to focus. Get things done by setting the color temperature of the light so you can work efficiently, read or do homework.

Ready to relax? Change the color temperature to extra warm white, and create an inviting, cozy atmosphere - instantly.

Easy setup

Automating and controlling the light via remote access may seem both advanced and impressive, but the good news is that it is super easy. All you really need is your Wi-Fi router, our intuitive app and the Nedis® Wi-Fi Smart ceiling light. No extra equipment and no connection points: This is home automation the easy way.

Configure plans and pair it with other smart products

Set up schedules for the ceiling light to turn on and off again at any time, and come home to a house that is already well lit. You can also automate the lamp to (de) activate, e.g. at sunset / sunrise. Then it looks like you are at home, which discourages burglars so you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

In addition, you can easily and quickly create scenarios by pairing the ceiling lamp with other products from the NEDIS® SmartLife range.

About Nedis® SmartLife

See our large and ever-growing range of products, bulbs, switches, sockets, sensors and cameras.

Whether you are looking for a single intelligent bulb or socket, or you want to automate the whole house, here you can experience how accessible intelligent technology is today.


• You can choose to dim the light and change the color temperature

• Minimalist design with a slim and elegant aluminum frame of less than 4 cm in thickness - fits into any decor

• Adjustable color temperature - extra warm white (2700 K) to suit a relaxed atmosphere, to cool white (6500 K) if you need to concentrate

• Easy to control remotely or automate - just connect it directly to your Wi-Fi router, which does not need an external hub

• Have full control - all via the Nedis® SmartLife app, which you can download to your smartphone or tablet at no extra cost

• Create schedules and scenarios - by pairing it with other products from the Nedis® SmartLife range

• Supports voice control - via Siri, Amazon Alexa or Google Home

  • EAN 13: 5412810320738
  • Height : 45.00 cm
  • Width: 32.00 cm
  • Length : 31.00 cm

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