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Why Buy CO2 neutral ?

Why Buy CO2 neutral IT?

To make a long story short? Because IT should not cost us the earth!

We need to take care of our resources and therefore it is important that we recycle as much of our production as possible.

This is especially true of IT products, as a number of resources are included, which we will soon run out of.

How can you make a difference by shopping at our "green" shop?

Plastic is filling the world's oceans and there are many good initiatives underway to recycle Plastic.

Our Targus bags and backpacks are as far as possible made of threads, which are made from 12-17 recycled bottles.

Then they do not float around and the new product is both functional and strong.

Our laptops come from Circular Computing, which not only sells used PCs, but reproduces them.

Everything is disassembled and the battery, display and Hard Disk are renewed. The keyboard and plastic themselves are replaced or printed again.

On Circular Computers there is only one "grade": namely new.

Circular is so confident in their products that a 3-year warranty is provided! From the start of the purchase at no extra cost - to all laptops!

And the price? It is a 1/3 part of a new, similar computer.

So .....

Which model can we tempt with?

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