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Circular Computer - Co2 Neutral PC's

The market for laptops has previously focused on buying new, but a paradigm shift is underway. It is time to supplement its current IT strategy with a sustainable alternative. In the private as well as the public sector, there is a pronounced desire, and the outside world demands that companies switch to sustainable solutions.

The market demands faster and faster products, despite the fact that phased-out products can handle the tasks well, especially in a refreshed version. Re-produced Laptops as we call them, are fully on par with new ones both in terms of the user experience and the need for support is the same.

The IT industry is currently responsible for 2% of the world's CO2 emissions - a figure that is growing rapidly.

The result is a gigantic over-consumption of resources, climate change, environmental problems, conflicts, human rights problems, pollution and a large production of e-waste.

There is a better method.

Circular Computing buys "end of lease" Laptops from leading international leasing companies, gives them an extensive re-production, and then offers them to the market again in a quality and consistency like new, and with a guarantee as when the product was new.

In order to live up to the IT department's requirements, as well as strengthen the user experience, selected components are replaced or upgraded, and a new battery is installed. All Circular Computing models come with a 3-year warranty, regardless of whether the platform is an HP, Lenovo or DELL.

Circular Computing is a certified CO2-neutral as well as ethically and sustainably re-produced product according to ISO 8887: 211 and ISO 9001 standardized processes.

As an additional incentive, there is a significant financial saving on the IT purchasing budget to pick up. 30 - 40% compared to a similar new model.

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