Some of our Smart living products need batteries and you can find them here. The types we can find as "green" batteries, we sell only as green. But unfortunately, there are some of the more "exotic" type that are only made as normal batteries. Of course, we are constantly trying to find the right, climatefriendly batteries.

GP ReCyko Everyday-oplader B421 (USB) ladestation D451, with 4 stk. AA 2100mAh NiMH-batteries
299,00 kr.
GP ReCyko Everydaycharger B421 (USB), inkl. 4 pcs. AA 2100mAh NiMH-batteries
199,00 kr.
GP ReCyko 9V-batteri, 200 mAh, 1-pack
GP ReCyko D-batteri, 5700 mAh, 2-pack
139,00 kr.
GP ReCyko C-batteri, 3000mAh, 2-pack
129,00 kr.
GP ReCyko AAA-batteri, 950 mAh, 4-pack
GP ReCyko AA-batteri, 2100 mAh, 4-pack
GP ReCyko AA-batteri, 2600 mAh, 4-pack
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