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WIFIZB10CWT Zigbee-gateway

279,00 kr.


Wi-Fi / Zigbee 3.0 | 50 Unit | Power supply | Android™ / IOS | White

Product Description

Zigbee Gateway

This gateway connects directly to your Wi-Fi network, so no Ethernet cable is required. Simply install it in your Nedis® SmartLife app, and you can connect up to 50 Nedis® Zigbee products from a single gateway.

Each connected product is displayed in the SmartLife app and can be included in automated actions as if they were directly connected to Wi-Fi.

Zigbee is an alternative protocol to Wi-Fi that provides significantly lower power consumption. It allows small wireless sensors to remain functional for up to several years on a single battery.


• Plug-in design ensures maximum ease of use

• Connect up to 50 Zigbee products to a single gateway

• Zigbee supports instantaneous communication with minimal battery consumption

• Integrate the gateway into the SmartLife app to combine Nedis® Zigbee products into any SmartLife product

Why do you need a gateway?
The top reasons you might want a gateway instead of a modem and a router are: It is a single combo box that takes less room, instead of having two separate devices. It requires only one power outlet. It requires fewer wires and cables because it is one device.

  • EAN 13: 5412810327898
  • Weight : 1 kg

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