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RGOSP R-Go Split ergonomic Keyboard (nordisk layout) USB

795,00 kr.

RGO IT Tools

R-Go Split ergonomic Keyboard (nordic layout) USB

Product Description

With this keyboard, you get all the ergonomic features you need to be able to type in a healthy way.

With the compact design, your hands are always kept within shoulder width when using both the keyboard and the mouse. The two components can be placed according to your own wishes. With this completely unique design, you can prevent your arm from stretching too much, ensuring that your shoulders, elbows and wrists are in a natural and relaxed position. With the light stroke, you tense your muscles as little as possible when writing. With the thin design, you can keep your hands and wrists in a flat and relaxed position while typing. The keyboard is lightweight and since it consists of two parts, it can be easily packed in a laptop bag.

  • The keyboard is compact
  • The keyboard consists of two separate parts
  • Light touch
  • Thin design
  • Lightweight
  • EAN 13: 8719274490838
  • Height : 9.00 cm
  • Width: 13.70 cm
  • Length : 28.80 cm
  • Weight : 1 kg

Technical information

Connection USB

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