ZBSM10WT PIR-motionsensor

120,00 kr.

Zigbee Smart PIR-motionsensor

Product Description

This smart PIR motion sensor (passive infrared) detects physical movements at a distance of up to approx. five meters and covers an angle of 120 °. The information can be sent to your Nedis SmartLife app. You need a Nedis Zigbee gateway (WIFIZBxxx) to do this.

The sensor can not only notify you when someone is in the room, but if it is combined with other products in the Nedis SmartLife app, you can turn on a light, a smart plug or a siren.

Its compact size and the included battery with a lifespan of up to 1 year (with six triggers per day) allow you to place the sensor anywhere (within a distance of about 30 meters of the Zigbee gateway)


• Detect movement using the PIR (passive infrared) sensor where you need it - within a range of approx. 30 m from Nedis Zigbee Gateway (WIFIZBxxx)

• Record movement up to a distance of 5 m at a 120 ° angle

• Can be fully integrated with your Nedis SmartLife app (via the Nedis Zigbee gateway) so you can combine it with other smart products.

• Battery operated so that it can be placed anywhere

• Battery life of up to 1 year

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